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    我要投稿 投訴建議


    時間:2021-07-19 08:46:15 商務英語 我要投稿




    商務英語作文 篇1


      Thank you for your comments.

      A copy of your letter has been forwarded to the author for his response. I am sure you will be hearing from him in the near future. I am pleased that you found our article informative and hope that you will continue to read our publication. Should you have any comments or questions in the future,please do not hesitate to write to this office.

      We value our readership and are proud to have you as a member of our family of subscribers.

    商務英語作文 篇2

      The Basics

      The most important thing to remember is to be courteous and thoughtful to the people around you, regardless of the situation. Consider other people's feelings, stick to your convictions as diplomatically as possible. Address conflict as situation-related, rather than person-related. Apologize when you step on toes. You can't go too far wrong if you stick with the basics you learned in Kindergarten. (Not that those basics are easy to remember when you're in a hard-nosed business meeting!)

      This sounds simplistic, but the qualities we admire most when we see them in people in leadership positions, those are the very traits we work so hard to engender in our children. If you always behave so that you would not mind your spouse, kids, or grandparents watching you, you're probably doing fine. Avoid raising your voice (surprisingly, it can be much more effective at getting attention when lower it!) using harsh or derogatory language toward anyone (present or absent), or interrupting. You may not get as much "airtime" in meetings at first, but what you do say will be much more effective because it carries the weight of credibility and respectability.

      The following are guidelines and tips that we've found helpful for dealing with people in general, in work environments, and in social situations.

      It's About People

      Talk and visit with people. Don't differentiate by position or standing within the company. Secretaries and janitorial staff actually have tremendous power to help or hinder your career. Next time you need a document prepared or a conference room arranged for a presentation, watch how many people are involved with that process (you'll probably be surprised!) and make it a point to meet them and show your appreciation.

      Make it a point to arrive ten or fifteen minutes early and visit with people that work near you. When you're visiting another site, linger over a cup of coffee and introduce yourself to people nearby. If you arrive early for a meeting, introduce yourself to the other participants. At social occasions, use the circumstances of the event itself as an icebreaker. After introducing yourself, ask how they know the host or how they like the crab dip. Talk a little about yourself- your hobbies, kids, or pets; just enough to get people to open up about theirs and get to know you as a person.

      Keep notes on people. There are several "contact management" software applications that are designed for salespeople, but in business, nearly everyone is a salesperson in some capacity or another. They help you create a "people database" with names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, spouse and children's' names; whatever depth of information is appropriate for your situation.

      It's a good idea to remember what you can about people; and to be thoughtful. Send cards or letters for birthdays or congratulations of promotions or other events, send flowers for engagements, weddings or in condolence for the death of a loved one or family member. People will remember your kindness, probably much longer than you will!

    商務英語作文 篇3

      Thanks for seeing me off at the airport. I really appreciate it. No problem, it's my pleasure. I am glad you had a chance to visit our headquarters, and hope you can come back soon. We should be back in about three months. We'll have another corporate meeting next quarter. Will you be in the area at that time? I should be.... Remember to let me know when your flight is coming in when you come. I'll come and pick you up at the airport. You're too kind. Here we are at the terminal, what airline are you flying with? Um...Let me look at the ticket. Oh, that's right, China Air. China Air is in terminal B, this is the international terminal, so all you have to do is walk straight through those doors and turn to your left, you should be able to see the check-in counter. Thanks again for all your help. If you're ever in the Michigan area, be sure to look me up. Yes. Let's keep in touch

      您來機場送機,我感激不盡。不客氣。我很高興您有機會來拜訪我們總部,希望不久以后您能再來。我們大概三個月后會回來。下一季度我們還有一個公司會議。那時候您會在公司嗎?我應該在公司。您來時請務必讓我知道您的航班時間。我將在機場接機。您太客氣了。我們到航站樓了。您是坐哪家航空公司的航班?嗯,我看一下機票。是中國航空。中國航空在B號航站樓。這是一個國際航站樓,所以您需要一直走至穿過那邊的門,然后向左轉。到時您就能看見登機臺。再次感謝您的全部幫助! 如果您去密歇根,請務必來找我。好的,保持聯系。

    商務英語作文 篇4

      by Paula

      The Opportunity

      Business etiquette is made up of significantly more important things than knowing which fork to use at lunch with a client. Unfortunately, in the perception of others, the devil is in the details. People may feel that if you can't be trusted not to embarrass yourself in business and social situations, you may lack the self-control necessary to be good at what you do. Etiquette is about presenting yourself with the kind of polish that shows you can be taken seriously. Etiquette is also about being comfortable around people (and making them comfortable around you!)

      People are a key factor in your own and your business' success. Many potentially worthwhile and profitable alliances have been lost because of an unintentional breach of manners.

      Dan McLeod, president of Positive Management Leadership Programs, a union avoidance company, says, "Show me a boss who treats his or her employees abrasively, and I'll show you an environment ripe for labor problems and obviously poor customers relations. Disrespectful and discourteous treatment of employees is passed along from the top."

    商務英語作文 篇5

      To: Willian Huang, Department of General Affairs

      From: Joseph Liu, Director of Personnel

      Subject: Work Transfer

      Date: July 15, 199-

      I think, Mr. Huang, the Director of your Department has already talked to you about the change in your work. We have arranged to appoint you as section supervisor in the Security Department at a salary of US$** a month (20% increase) as from Tuesday, August 1, 199-. In your new post, you will be responsible to Mr. Francis Yang for the work of night shift employees in the department.

      Your eight years of loyal service in the General Affairs Department have been appreciated by the leadership of the company. Your transfer is completely due to the need of company. You have known that many thefts have recently taken place that have caused heavy losses to our company. We trust that with your appointment to this post, the security work will be greatly strengthened.

      Please write to confirm that you will accept this appointment.

    商務英語作文 篇6

    Dear Sirs:

      Thank you for your letter of 25th September.

      As one of the largest dealers of garments, we are interested in ladies? dresses of all descriptions. We would be grateful if you would give us quotations per dozen of C.I.F. Vancouver for those items as listed on the separate sheet. In the meantime, we would like you to send us samples of the various materials of which the dresses are made.

      We are given to understand that you are a state-owned enterprise and we have confidence in the quality of Chinese products. If your prices are moderate, we believe there is a promising market for the above-mentioned articles in our area.

      We look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Yours faithfully,

      Canadian Garment Co.Ltd.








    商務英語作文 篇7

      Charm of intonation

      Answering a phone in a clear and pleasant tone can show the speaker's professional demeanor and amiable personality.Although your partner can't see your face, your joy or irritation will come through your voice.When you call, your tone should be smooth, soft and serene. Then, if you can talk to each other with a smile, it will make your voice more friendly and enthusiastic.Never chew gum or eat while you're on the phone.

      Decent questions and answers

      The call should be answered immediately after the second bell rings

      When the other party should take the initiative to identify the company or the name of the Department and its name, should not pick up the phone asked: “ Hello, who are you looking for? ” also, to call people need to leave a message should be clear to report the name, unit number, and a message in simple language.The end of the telephone conversation, usually made by the calling party, then politely said goodbye to each other.No matter what the reason for the telephone call, the party shall be responsible for the redial.

      Telephone Message

      In business complaints, it is most common to fail to return calls in a timely manner.In order not to lose every opportunity to clinch a deal, some companies even make telephone calls to be within an hour of the provisions of the reply.Generally within 24 hours of the phone message to reply, if you call back, just in case the other party is not in, but also to leave a message, indicating that you have called back.If you really can't call back personally, you should trust someone else.

      Pay attention to jet lag

      Before making a call, make sure the difference between the time difference and the working hours of each country. Don't make a phone call on the day off so as not to influence the rest of the day.Try not to call home even if the customer has told you the phone number at home.

      Use the telephone properly

      In America you can sell the goods to a person be strangers to each other by telephone, while in Europe, Latin American and Asian countries, telemarketing or on the phone for a long time to talk business on the unacceptable.The best way to develop good business relationships is to negotiate face to face with customers, while the telephone is mainly used to arrange interviews.Of course, once the two

    商務英語作文 篇8






      信 頭






      日期的書寫有以下兩種模式:“12 June 1998”[日-月-年]或“June 12, 1998”[月-日-年]








      6稱 呼


      ·Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Wang(表示寫信人知道收信人的姓名和性別);

      ·Dear Sir或Dear Madam(表示寫給一位有具體職銜的人,如Sales Manager,

      Chief Accountant等,而且寫信人知道對方的性別);

      ·Dear Sir or Madam(表示寫給一位有具體職銜而寫信人又不知其性別的人);

      ·Dear Sirs (表示寫給一家公司,沒有明確的收信人)。


      7事 由


      信 文



      信 尾



      一般來說,書信和傳真結尾敬辭都使用“Yours sincerely”或“Yours faithfully”。稱呼為“Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms…”時結尾用“Yours sincerely”。稱呼為“ Dear Sir/Sir or Madam/Sirs”時結尾則用“Yours faithfully”。



      Yours faithfully

      For precision Airconditioning Co (Pte) Ltd

    商務英語作文 篇9

      The Solution

      Most behavior that is perceived as disrespectful, discourteous or abrasive is unintentional, and could have been avoided by practicing good manners or etiquette. We've always found that most negative experiences with someone were unintentional and easily repaired by keeping an open mind and maintaining open, honest communication. Basic knowledge and practice of etiquette is a valuable advantage, because in a lot of situations, a second chance may not be possible or practical.

      There are many written and unwritten rules and guidelines for etiquette, and it certainly behooves a business person to learn them. The caveat is that there is no possible way to know all of them!

      These guidelines have some difficult-to-navigate nuances, depending on the company, the local culture, and the requirements of the situation. Possibilities to commit a faux pas are limitless, and chances are, sooner or later, you'll make a mistake. But you can minimize them, recover quickly, and avoid causing a bad impression by being generally considerate and attentive to the concerns of others, and by adhering to the basic rules of etiquette. When in doubt, stick to the basics.










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